Play ideas

Creative fun using everyday household items

Here we have created some fun play ideas for you to try out with your family at home using everyday household items. Engaging your little ones to play some of these games will give them a sense of independence and also give you the opportunity to enjoy a few minutes of peace whilst they are having fun playing.

Some of these activities suggest using small objects, these are only appropriate for children who have grown out of the mouthing objects stage if they are to be left alone with the activity.

If you are creating some of these home made toys and games suggested please ensure you have secured the lids and considered any risks before giving them to your child.

Welcome back to wellbeing

Home-Start in Suffolk were invited to be part of the online Zoom event organised by Suffolk County Council and hosted by Archant.

One of the sessions we hosted focusing on faun activities to do at home using everyday household items. You can watch the recording of the event here where Family Support Coordinators Tracy and Lou delivered a fun and engaging demonstration.