Home-Start is seeking new Trustees to join the Board

Did you know that only 14% of 3rd sector organisations feel equipped to meet their compliance, strategic and developmental needs over the next 3 years


So now you do, what are you thinking?

a)     Wow! -I have the skills, expertise and drive to help a charity with their compliance/strategy/development’s needs

b)     I’d like to help but it seems like too big a task to get a get a charity up to speed on all of that

c)      What am I having for dinner tonight?

Well perhaps we can help you with the answers:

a)     Give us a call! 01473 621104 or email headoffice@homestartinsuffolk.org

b)     Panic not, Home-Start in Suffolk are not in the 14%! We Have an amazing team of staff and Trustees who are already working on these areas, however we would love to have a few more trustees join our board to share their expertise and fill in the gaps we currently have

c)      Pizza! and when you’ve eaten it perhaps you could have a re-read of this advert!

So, what do our Trustees do? For a start they have legal responsibilities as directors of Home-Start in Suffolk a charity and company limited by guarantee.

Trustees are legally responsible for account and company records and they provide support to our CEO and the management team in helping Home-Start in Suffolk meet its charitable objectives.

Obviously, we hope that you already know what Home-Start in Suffolk does (we won’t hold it against you if you don’t!).

Home-Start in Suffolk provides 1-1 support to families across Suffolk. Last year we provided help and support to over 1600 people and 89% of our families tell us that they are able manage so much better from the support that Home-Start gives them.

Our main aim to work with families who are experiencing a challenging time in their life. We hope to support them early enough to help them get to a place where they don’t need statutory intervention, however we also support families who are going through a statutory process such as having children on a child protection plan to provide the family with support to get to a place where they are better able to cope independently.

It sounds amazing right!

Well then hopefully this will totally blow your mind, the 1-1 support we offer to Suffolk families is provided by VOLUNTEERS!

That’s right, 200 #volunteers from over Suffolk (and a few from over the county borders (we don’t talk football!)) visit Home-Start families on a weekly basis giving up almost 37,000 combined hours of their own time to work with Home-Start.

We are looking for some really special people with some pretty epic skills and experience to join us, particularly in #Safeguarding, #data and #research, #marketing, #fundraising, charitable trading, #Governance, however we would still love to hear from you if you think you have other skills we could benefit from.

If any of this has made you think you could be a part of our amazing team then these are the ways you can get in touch:

Call- 01473 621104

Email- headoffice@homestartinsuffolk.org

Visit- www.homestartinsuffolk.org