We need 30 seconds of your time

sounds 2.gif

We are currently trying to capture short sound bites (mini voice recordings) about peoples experience of Home-Start in Suffolk.
We hope to use a mix of these sound bites at various events, and online, to help give people an idea about what we do, who we are, the benefits of support, why people volunteer etc.

If you would be able to record a sound bite, and/or ask your Home-Start family to record one we'd be ever so grateful. we're not at all fussy who does it, partners and children are very welcome to get involved! You can even ask your own family to tell us what they think about your volunteering, perhaps you have a proud partner, child or parent that would like to be involved!

So here's how you do it:

Most modern phones have a sound recording app- for example 'Voice recorder' on a Samsung, or Voice memo on an Iphone.

With as little background noise as possible record a 30second -1minute clip ( don't worry if its less than 30seconds or more than a minute, as we are able to edit these).

Then save and send us the clip via email to headoffice@homestartinsuffolk.org, you can do this as an email attachment, or once you've recorded the sound clip, chose to share via email or via Whatsapp to 07763598213. Whatsapp has the facility to record directly using the in app voice recorder, however you might find the sound recorder apps easier to use, as you can check it and re-record if neede before you send it to us.
Please put your name in the message so we know who is sending it, and also let us know if you are happy for your name to be used alongside your clip or not.

Any problems just give us a call on 01473 621104 or email headoffice@homestartinsuffolk.org