A Magical Christmas for 5 Home-Start in Suffolk supported families!

Continuing the fantastic partnership between John Lewis and Partners and local Home-Start schemes this festive season sees the return of the Magical Christmas Campaign.

The concept of the campaign was for each John Lewis store to select 5 families supported by their local Home-Start who would be gifted a Magical Christmas. Each local store was allocated a generous budget to be used in the best way possible to support these 5 families during the festive season.

The Community Liaison Coordinators, Calum Ralston and Kelly Powell, based at the Ipswich John Lewis store, worked with Home-Start in Suffolk’s team to identify families that could really benefit from this unique opportunity. And together they devised a special package giving each family a special gift that will make a real difference to their lives.

“We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with the John Lewis team on this amazing project again this year.” Explains Ali Watson, Home-Start in Suffolk’s Fundraising and Marketing Manager. “And together we were able to adapt the Magical Christmas campaign to provide something really special that will help the families long term and not just during the festive period. Each family has been gifted something that will make a difference during the Christmas season and beyond as well as some fabulous Christmas gifts for the children and a beautiful hamper of treats.”

The 5 families are spread throughout the county, and every single one has had the item handpicked and delivered to their homes to enjoy. One family received a new cot bed for their baby and all the linens to ensure her little one had somewhere safe and warm to sleep. Another was gifted storage drawers to ensure the children’s clothing could be put away neatly, helping with home conditions and space. Other items that were gifted include air fryers, a vacuum cleaner, a microwave and a baby monitor alongside some warm winter coats, some gifts for the children such as Lego and activity cubes and a treat for the parents as well. Each family received a luxury hamper of festive treats too. to help them reduce their energy
Calum Ralston and Kelly Powell, John Lewis Ipswich Community Liaison Coordinators said of the campaign “We are so pleased we have been able to put these special gift packages together for families in need across our County. It is heart-warming to know we have been able to ease a little of the pressure at Christmas time and we hope we have been able to bring a little joy to the families involved.”

“John Lewis Ipswich really have been incredible and really gone above and beyond to support these families.” Continued Ali Watson, “These gifts will certainly make a positive impact long term for all the families involved, and for us here at Home-Start in Suffolk, it was our Christmas wish that this Magical Christmas Campaign made a difference beyond the festive season! We know that Calum and Kelly have worked really hard to put these packages together and we couldn’t be grateful for all they have done.”

Next week the team will collect an additional 12 hampers of essential cupboard items thanks to John Lewis and Waitrose Ipswich which will be distributed to families in the lead up to Christmas.