Ryan's story

Ryan is a polite and enthusiastic boy, his behaviour is excellent at school and he tries his best.  His mum is supportive of all of her 6 children and 3 step-children whose ages range from 5 to 22 years, but life at home can be cramped and chaotic in the 5 bedroom house they share with their step-father.  At home Ryan has moments of anger and can be aggressive to his siblings.  He has not seen his biological Father for the last year and appears troubled that his school tutor looks like his ‘real Dad’.

Ryan was identified by the school Family Support Worker as suitable to attend the after-school group run by Home-Start in Suffolk.  Ryan’s Mum reports that he is much more relaxed on the evenings that he comes home from group and he is always keen to tell the family when the science experiments don’t work.  He informed them “It’s alright for it to go wrong sometimes!”

The Family Support Worker says “The group allows Ryan and his colleagues to ‘fail’ in a safe and secure environment with people they trust.  This in turn can transfer to the classroom where pupils may be more willing to take a risk once they have practised this skill in an environment they feel safe to do so”

One of Ryan’s comments was “I would like to stay on the group and do more science… and I like the treats!”

His mother has since accessed the school’s Dancing Club on another evening for the 3 youngest children because she wanted the opportunity to spend 1-1 time with Ryan whilst giving the others the opportunity to socialise with their friends outside the classroom.  The group has resulted in a positive impact for the whole of Ryan’s family.