Suffolk’s Fictisious “Most Wanted” Will be Brave Time Behind Bars to Help Suffolk Families

Twelve well-known Suffolk professionals, from business owners, directors, professors and politicians, will be thrown in the cells as they take part in the Home-Start Jail & Bail Fundraiser this week to help raise vital funds to support Families across the county.

The event which will take place in various locations near the Ipswich Waterfront and Town center, which was due to take place in September but was postponed as a mark of respect following the passing of her Majesty the Queen, is the first ‘Jail and Bail’ fundraiser for the charity for several years and is set to take place this Friday 18 November 2022. 

Those ‘arrested’ are tasked with the challenge of raising their £1,000 Bail to secure their release and gain their freedom.

Home-Start’s Jailbirds, who are being arrested for a multitude of ridiculous and fictious crimes, include Labour and Cooperative Parliamentary Candidate, Jack Abbott, Lisa Perkins, Adastral Park and Research Realisation Director, Paddy & Scotts founder Scott Russell, Cory Brothers Managing Director Peter Wilson, James Crosby Director at Cory Brothers, Professor Gurpreet Jagpal Pro Vice-Chancellor Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Suffolk, Becky Ames, Partner at Larking Gowen, Gavin Wood of Beckett Financial Services, Elise Dyball, Partner at Marshall Hatchick LLP, Martin Moore of Beckett Financial Services and Home-Start’s very own Tara Spence, CEO and Alison Grant, Family Support Manager!

Their crimes range from crimes against comedy to oversharing their gym activities on social media, from ignoring important phone calls to bowling people over with enthusiasm. Suffolk Police will be riding in to make the arrests from 11.30am on Friday, booking them in and handed over to Home-Start’s Chair of the Board and Judge for the Day, Rob Thacker for sentencing before slinging them in the cells at Old Customs House, Home-Starts makeshift jail. 

Fundraising and Marketing Manager at Home-Start in Suffolk, Ali Watson said “It will be a fun day – I hope – with a serious fundraising side. As of today, the prisoners have already secured more than £7,000 towards their collective target and If each prisoner makes bail, that’s a minimum of £11,000 to help support families across our county who are really finding it tough at the moment. 

“Home-Start has seen a significant rise in the number so families needing support and in the last 12 months alone the team have supported more than 1,500 families through difficult and challenging circumstances.”