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You’re in Control awarded £80,522 by BBC Children in Need

Home-Start in East Ipswich is celebrating being awarded an £80,522 grant by BBC Children In Need.

The generous three-year grant will be used to fund the You’re In Control project, a new initiative which is set to support children and young people in Ipswich.

You’re in Control targets those between seven and 12 years of age, together with their families, and provides one-to-one volunteers who help deliver emotional and practical support to boost a young person’s self-esteem.

It is the first direct service that Home-Start has provided to children and young people in Ipswich, and the need was identified as a result of increased referrals, specifically requesting such support.

Tara Somers Manager of Home-Start, said: “Without the support of Children in Need we would have really struggled to get this much needed project underway.

“This grant allows us to reach out to young people, by funding a youth co-ordinator who will then be responsible for recruiting and training volunteers. These volunteers will provide direct support to children and young people in Ipswich.”

The grant itself has been made possible thanks to the generosity of the public.

A total of £32.6 million was raised on Appeal night 2014 and BBC Children in Need have since announced that this total has risen to a record breaking £49.1 million. 

BBC Children in Need funding relies on the energy and commitment of thousands of fundraisers and supporters across the UK who donate their time and money to support the Appeal.  Whether it’s cake sales, spending the day in fancy dress or putting on a quiz, every penny of the money raised goes towards supporting projects across the UK.

All grants go to projects working with children and young people living in the UK who may be affected by homelessness, neglect, abuse or poverty, or those who have faced challenges in their lives such as serious illness, disabilities and psychological disorders.

Suddenly Mum

We have been awarded funding to provide a 1year project 'Suddenly Mum'.

The project will support pregnant women who are in their third trimester of pregnancy, until their child is 12 weeks old, providing a range or practical and emotional support, helping the family prepare for the new arival, and then supporting the family once the baby is born.
The project is being run in partnership with Home-Start South Suffolk and Home-Start Mid Suffolk.

Waveney Expansion

Home-Start does not currently operate in the Lowestoft area, our 3 year strategic plan involves expanding support to this area, and plans have been made to extend the provision of support to both the rural area of Waveney and the urban area of Lowestoft, however these plans have been dependent on funding being gained, funding from this project would allow this provision to be developed. Most recently we have been developing partnership work with Home-Start Great Yarmouth, who have on the ground knowledge of the Lowestoft area, and we have agreed to work together to develop the support that we can offer in Lowestoft and the wider Waveney area. Between our Home-Start scheme, and the Great Yarmouth based scheme, we currently receive up to 30 enquiries for support per year, which we are unable to meet. We are looking to develop a 2 year pilot, in partnership with Home-Start Great Yarmouth, to assess the level of need in the area, and form a base on which to develop a longer term service.

There is currently very little family support provision in the Lowestoft area, and what is available does not provide sufficient capacity to manage the area’s needs, this is due to be exasperated further with two local children’s centres marked for closure, 1 in Lowestoft and 1 in Reydon.

We are looking to develop Home-Visiting support in the Lowestoft area, and rural Waveney. We will provide a service consistent with demographic needs in the urban area of Lowestoft, and rural area of Lowestoft. The service will be provided by trained volunteers, managed by qualified staff. Home-Start will provide support to help hard to reach and isolated families. The service we provide will take into consideration and provide support consistent with Health needs, including Mental Health problems, Behavioural issues, Substance abuse, Learning needs, managing with Multiple Births, Domestic Violence,- in fact any problem that affects families with young childen in need of support.