How can Home-Start help?

Being a parent or carer has never been easy. It can be lonely, frustrating, heart breaking and over-whelming. 

All people struggle at one time or another. You are not alone.

Home-Start’s fully trained and experienced volunteers work alongside families just like yours to give non-judgmental, compassionate and confidential* support. 

They can help you to regain confidence and be the parent you want to be. Below are some of the ways we can help with.

* Excluding exceptional circumstances when there are safety concerns for an individual which will result in our team following our safeguarding policy.

Volunteer Support

Home-Start in Suffolk provide weekly support through their home visiting and telephone support volunteers.

Group Support

Home-Start in Suffolk operate a number of groups across the County. These groups are free of charge for families to attend.


Home-Start in Suffolk works with a number of partner organisations and will signpost families to appropriate additional services to work alongside our team to ensure families have access to all the support they need.

Some of the challenges we support include:

Mental health and postnatal illness

More than half of the parents we support ask for help with postnatal illness, their own or their child’s mental health.

Isolation and loneliness

Many of the families we work with are experiencing loneliness and isolation, with very few networks or friends and family locally.

Disability and illness

Coping with a long-term illness or physical disability can be a life-changing experience for parents or children.

Bereavement and loss

Home-Start in Suffolk can provide emotional support and signposting services following the death of a loved one.

Separation, divorce and relationship breakdown

We support families that may be experiencing difficulties as a result of separation, divorce or relationship breakdowns.

Money issues and budgeting

We provide support to families when they find themselves overwhelmed by financial pressures, providing budgeting advice and signposting.

Forces families

Home-Start in Suffolk supports families in local bases, garrisons and barracks across Suffolk, providing one-to-one support and group services.

Domestic abuse

The number of families affected by domestic abuse has grown significantly since the start of the pandemic.

Twins, triplets and multiple children

Double delight or triple trouble? Multiple births can bring both.

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