Isolation and loneliness

How can Home-Start help?

If you have moved away from friends and families, if you don’t know your local community, or if you have a partner who works long hours, often away from home – any of this can lead to desperate loneliness and isolation. Nearly two thirds of families who come to Home-Start for support say that isolation is their main reason for needing our help. 

Our volunteers offer vital links into your community, helping and your children access playgroups, parks, specialist support of all kinds – helping you to build support networks so you and your children can flourish.


Georgetta’s story

Georgetta moved to the UK and separated from her abusive husband, leaving her very isolated.

Georgetta is a mum to be. She moved to the UK from Romania with her ex-husband that started to abuse her. She moved away from him and has been in Ipswich for the last 6 years. Home Start Suffolk has been helping Georgetta manage changes that come with a new baby.

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