Mental health and postnatal illness

How can Home-Start help?

  • 54% of the families we support are struggling with some form of mental health and postnatal illness.
  • 55% are lonely and isolated and another.
  • 52% of parents who come to us have low self-esteem.

Your family may be trying to cope with the impact of mental health and postnatal illness.  You may be struggling to care for your young children while you are trying to get better. We may be able to help with the support of a volunteer who understands and can visit you at home, talk to you on the telephone or through specialist support groups such as Mums in Mind.

If you are a father struggling to cope while your wife or partner goes through the dark days of postnatal illness, you may be able to find one of our dad’s support groups.


Caroline’s story

Caroline Mugambi, 39, who was supported by Home-Start in Suffolk now raises awareness among local mums to ask for help if they struggle with their mental health. 

Ms Mugambi, experienced postnatal depression after the birth of her second son, who is now six, was supported by the charity at the time.

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