Support stories

Sue’s Story

At 49, with a seven-month-old baby daughter and teenager studying for her GCSE exams, Sue's marriage breakdown led the family of four  leaving their Rendlesham home. With nothing more than a Ford Fiesta and car-full of clothes to their name, they drove to Clacton - where, after spending two days with her parents, they were forced to live in a hotel for two weeks.

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Myrvete’s Story

When 33-year-old Myrvete arrived in Felixstowe a decade ago, she knew no-one, spoke no English and was scared to even go outside. But today she is a happy and devoted mum who has a good long-term job, proudly supports her family, goes out every day and socialises with other parents.  The dramatic transformation from someone who suffered extreme isolation and loneliness has not been quick, and certainly hasn’t been easy.

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Wayne’s story

Single father of three, Wayne was referred to Home-Start for support as he gained custody of his children.  

Living in a small flat but unable to work due to childcare, Wayne was struggling financially and with routines for the children.

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Kelly’s story

Kelly needed the support of Home-Start in Suffolk following the birth of her triplets. 

Kelly is a mum to two-year old triplets, when she found out she was pregnant she was in an abusive relationship so during her pregnancy moved to Suffolk to seek help. It was here she found Home-Start in Suffolk.  

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Diane’s story

Home-Start supported mum of three daughters Diane after she escaped a domestic violent relationship. 

Diane, Mum of three daughters aged 14, 8 & 2 years had fled years of Domestic Violence. The children had witnessed and been part of the coercive control within their parent’s relationship.

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Sophie’s story

Sophie’s husband Jack was concerned about his wife’s mental health while he was away on tour.

In May 2021, an urgent self-referral was made by dad, Jack, who would be working away from home for some time, leaving mum Sophie and their one year old daughter at home for several months.  

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Lauren’s story

Home-Start supported Lauren though a difficult relationship breakdown and helped her feel more positive about the future. 

When Lauren’s marriage broke down more than five years ago, it sparked a series of events which left her feeling “trapped” with nowhere to turn. 

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Frankies’ story

Home-Start supported Frankie following the loss of her daughters father. 

Frankie is a single mother to 2 little girls Jess and Mary, she moved to Ipswich to a two-bedroom Housing Association flat for a fresh start following the death of her daughters father. 

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Sarah’s story

Sarah made a self-referral into Home-Start in Suffolk with the help of her carers. 

As a child and young adult Sarah was a Looked After Child. She has a history of prolonged mental health. 

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Georgetta’s story

Georgetta moved to the UK and separated from her abusive husband, leaving her very isolated.

Georgetta is a mum to be. She moved to the UK from Romania with her ex-husband that started to abuse her. She moved away from him and has been in Ipswich for the last 6 years. Home Start Suffolk has been helping Georgetta manage changes that come with a new baby.

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Caroline’s story

Caroline Mugambi, 39, who was supported by Home-Start in Suffolk now raises awareness among local mums to ask for help if they struggle with their mental health. 

Ms Mugambi, experienced postnatal depression after the birth of her second son, who is now six, was supported by the charity at the time.

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